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Are They Open


my eyes they may be open

but i'm still asleep

the spell may be as yet unbroken

just enough to keep me

spinning here

my mind it may be open

but i'm not awake

cuz my heart remains unbroken

just enough to make it

very clear

i don't wanna take the rough roads

outta here

what would i do if you came knocking on doors and singing the trees what could i do but rise and shine

but i know you won't be coming knocking on doors any time soon

and that's how i have loved you all this time

my eyes are open

my house is always open

to one who'll never come

an open door is just a token 

when you're on the run you keep it

safe inside

you don't want anyone to know your

hands are tied

what would you do if she untied what you had and wanted to go

what could you do but ache and grieve

but you know she won't untie it anytime soon or ever at all

and that's how you can wish it

i believe

your eyes are open

©2013 nell balaban

all rights reserved

music lyrics vocals, bg vox - me

producer, keyboards, guitar- tim thorney

add'l guitar- jimmy creasy

bass- sandy chochinov

co-producer, add'l  percussion + keys + bg vox - hill kourkoutis 

recording and mix - adam fair @ villa sound

mastering - noah mintz at lacquer channel

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