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          /ˌdiləˈtänt, diləˈtäntē/,   noun


a person who purposefully dabbles in many different pursuits.

Songs by Nell Balaban

Dilettante is a collection of songs I’ve written and recorded over the last 10 years or so.


I'm excited to share them and will be releasing them

in this space one at a time over the next couple of months. Welcome to week 10!


We could call it a record, an album, or a playlist.


All the tunes were produced and recorded in Canada in various locations; wherever Tim Thorney (the great!) has had his studio, Villa Sound, that’s where I’d go, from Toronto to the lovely Blue Mountains of Ontario.





This week brings When She'll Float, which is another one I got to record with James Robertson on guitar, Adam Warner on drums and Thorney on bass. These guys created this cool arrangement as we went along after they'd heard the song only once as played by me on acoustic guitar on my little garage band demo.

I really think they rock.

Fun fact: I played and sang along live in the room where it happened during every take. It was exciting and scary to play with real rockers (not since 7th grade and a disastrous school assembly at which I attempted to front for my next door neighbor's band and their rendition of Foreigner's Cold As Ice...)! 

We went in later and recorded the real vocals and backgrounds the way we'd done on the other tracks.

There is no record of my guitar track from that day. 

I'm okay with that.

p.s. I've left the watery images here which accompanied last week's song because they just seemed to go with this week's song.


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