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Hamilton? Still? Can't help it!

Just when I think I've had enough of the lauding, the loving, the incessant talking-about and the hype,

I have another listen to the cast recording of HAMILTON and I'm exponentially more smitten than before.

The rhymes and rhythms! The beat! The exquisite economy of story-telling, character development and relationships! It comes at you so loud and pure and raw and nuanced and rich and refined all at once.

And then there is the granular humor and the quotes of other musicals (which i get), hip-hop and rap classics (which i get:miss in an embarrassing ratio of somewhere around 1:5) and suddenly I'm crying at my mp-3 listening device all over again. The bursting forth of this show within the parameters and structures employed by LMM and his co-creators give it an ethos which is truly new, an energy I'd call atomic! Nuclear fusion, man! Dig it. And I haven't even gotten started on the physical production. Maybe next post. Dear LMM and TK and AL and the cast and the designers and technicians: Thank you.

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