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          /ˌdiləˈtänt, diləˈtäntē/,   noun


a person who purposefully dabbles in many different pursuits.

Songs by Nell Balaban

Tim Thorney

Dilettante is a collection of songs I’ve written and recorded over the last 10 years or so.


I'm excited to share them and will be releasing them

in this space one at a time over the next couple of months. Welcome to week 5!


We could call it a record, an album, or a playlist.


All the tunes were produced and recorded in Canada in various locations; wherever Tim Thorney (the great!) has had his studio, Villa Sound, that’s where I’d go, from Toronto to the lovely Blue Mountains of Ontario.




Here we are.  Song no. 5 is called Draw Me Out and it has what I think is a very cool arrangement made by Tim on bass, James Robertson on guitar, and Adam Warner on drums. In that I'm thinking about it I remember the story!

I got to Toronto for this session in which we were going to do three tunes and Tim didn't have anything to play for me. Usually he'd do some rudimentary drum programming for groove, lay down a bass or guitar part to suggest the essence of what he had in mind, and then he'd build it from there. So there I am in Toronto, at least two days go by, and we're pretty much just hanging out and going to Tim Horton's. I only have a few days to be there, can't change my ticket and I'm getting a little nervous. On the third day Tim picks me up from the house where a dear friend is generously hosting me (thank you, Elizabeth DeGrazia!), and he goes,

"We need some guys".


Later that night we went down to a cool little place on Queen St. ( The Cameron House?) where a terrific artist, Elana McMurtry, was doing her thing. Then right after the show Tim Thorney poached her guitar player and drummer, James and Adam, and bade them come to his studio the next day. They did. I'm so glad. They were so rockin' and it turns out Tim was right--

we needed some guys.

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Here's Draw Me Out.

   D E S I G N E D  B Y  J.  A A R O N  S A N D E R S    
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